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Singapore Angelic Reiki Healing

We are a happily married couple who were trying to have a baby for almost a year since we got married.

In December 2009, we shared our problem with Anthony. We had a session with him whereby he transferred some positive energy to my wife, Felicia. He gave us some inputs, among which was learning to manifest positive thoughts.

We did exactly that and about a month later our dream came true. We are now blessed with our lovely baby boy. He just turned 2 months old and each day is such a blessing for us. :)

Attached are two pictures of us. Feel free to use them for your website.

Lots of love,

Tung, Felicia and Keeo

November 2010

Anthony is a very warm and loving teacher and also a great healer, he was very patient and guided us step by step during the workshop. It was a great experience for me to feel Angelic energy and perform healing as a channel for angels. Amazing! Thank you Anthony. I'm really blessed. God bless all with love and peace.

- Linda H

November 2010

I met Anthony the first time several months ago for a brief Angelic Reiki healing session.

I found Anthony to be very sincere and honest and he was very accurate about some of my emotions that he picked up at the time.

When I had the need to have a session again, some months later., Anthony helped me out enormously and helped me with distant healing as well.   

Anthony is very insightful and definitely gifted.

- Sandra D

September 2010

“Angels talking to our daughter?".......that's what happened when Anthony started applying his healing "therapy" on our daughter, Sarah, who had just come through an operation to remove a brain tumour.  Anthony's sessions with Sarah has brought us great comfort and confidence that Sarah continues to be well following her operation. Not only does Anthony tell us about Sarah's physical well being, he also clues us into Sarah's behavioural tendencies such as tendency to be careless in her schoolwork and absentmindedness during the daily routine. Anthony prescribe ways to help overcome some of these issues. All in all, we regard Anthony as a God-send. He has shown us that he really cares.

- E & BH

November 2010

Now, how do I put it into words ....?

- BK