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Singapore Angelic Reiki Healing

Your beloved animal companion is a part of your family and brings so much to your lives. Animals have their own range of emotions, characteristics and wisdom. Their love is the purest and most unconditional of love, their happiness the most joyous and full of fun; their wisdom, gentle, most true and loving. They bring joy into our lives.

Like humans, animals can also get ill. When they are unwell or unhappy, energetic healing can help them. By offering them positive healing energy, we can return to them for all that they have bestowed on us.

Healing enables your pet to access its own resources allowing it to stimulate healing, giving itself a sense of well-being and peace.

Energetic healing helps your pets Mentally, Physically and Emotionally. To be truly healthy, your pets need to be in balance on all these levels.


If your pet is afraid to be touched, unable to be moved, aggressive or fractious, healing can be effected from a distance, aka "distant healing". Healing energy is never limited by distance, time or space. It can therefore be administered from a distance when it is not possible to receive physical treatment hands-on.


Sometimes, healing can be successful after one treatment. However, some may need more than one session depending on their condition.


Cost depends on the time and venue.

30 mins daytime (9 am - 6 pm) $50 @ 1A Pine Grove

30 mins at client’s place $70

Evening sessions (After 6 pm)  add $20.


I am not a veterinarian; I do not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgeries.

I am a healer and healing is a complementary therapy and must not be mistaken for veterinary treatment. If you have concerns about your pet’s health you must seek qualified veterinary advice.


 Healing is therapeutic when used with other therapies. It enhances other treatments on a deeper level.

 Can be used safely for all conditions with no adverse side effects.

 Restores balance and boosts the immune system.

 Helps improve the rate of healing in a physical illness or injury, especially when given pre or post-surgery.

 Helps relieve pain.

 Aids in diminishing trauma and shock.

 Reduces stress and depression.

 Aids in adjusting to new people or a new environment.

 For general maintenance of good health. Healing can be given preventively and is especially therapeutic for

     older animals.

 If terminally ill, healing transcends a sense of peace to help the animal make the transition.

 Your pet will receive healing at the level required for that time


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