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About Isis Lotus Healing

Isis Lotus Healing is a hands-on system of Spiritual Energy Healing based on Ancient Egyptian Healing methods and Alchemy. It includes working with energies from the planet Sirius plus the Egyptian Divinities, especially Goddess Isis. Isis is the Ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess of Magic, Healing and Spiritual Science and attunement/initiation of the student to her powerful blue healing energies are the basis for this highly effective healing modality.

Elizabeth Jensen, the founder of Isis Mystery School and the Angel Miracles Courses, has incorporated much of her past research and practice of Energy Medicine and Healing into these courses to ensure it’s a safe and reliable healing system for all. A former Registered Nurse who taught a number of researched based complementary healing modalities in Australia, Elisabeth’s own highly effective healing courses are now being researched by an Australian University.    Healing takes place on many levels,  gently clearing blockages , soothing pain and discomfort and restoring balance. The Isis Divine Blue energy is sent from the hands and heart with love and a great healing effect.

The Divine Feminine Indigo Blue Energy of Isis used for this healing system. It flows through the healer's hands on to different areas of the clients body and extends out in to the layers of their aura. It is derived from a powerful mystical healing experience Elisabeth had while meditating in the Queens Chamber of The Great Pyramid of Egypt in 2003. The healing energies and teachings have increased each year during her Sacred Journeys to give Initiations and channellings in the temples and pyramids of Egypt.

Benefits of Isis Lotus Healing

This is a beautiful and highly effective system of healing for those with major and minor physical problems

Physical problems include chronic and acute pain, stress, migraines, neck and back problems, chronic fatigue and many other ailments.

Other areas where Isis Lotus Healing can help are:

Energy blockages and balancing

Karmic release  

Alchemical soul healing

Past life therapy

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