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Singapore Reiki Healing Holistic Solution for your
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Welcome to the website of Ajna (3rd Eye) Centre, Singapore.

The aim of this Healing Centre is to offer our clients a holistic solution for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. We endeavour to provide safe, gentle and effective avenues of healing in a holistic manner. Primarily, we teach Angelic Reiki and offer personal consultations in Angelic Reiki. Other healing techniques are also provided to aid in your personal journey/goals.

If you are looking for change in your life, emotional support, personal growth, and some tools to start living your full potential, then there’s something here for you.

What Is Holistic Healing?

Holistic healing is a therapy for the whole body. Holistic healing can be used alone or in conjunction with other natural healing therapies. Examples of these healing therapies are Angelic Reiki healing, Theta healing and Quantum Touch, just to mention a few.

The word Holistic means “whole" It represents the whole person, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritual. Holistic therapies treat the whole body not just the condition or symptom that is present at that point in time.

Holistic healing means taking an holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances and choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle.

It is often the experience of physical discomfort that will first prompt a person's pursuit of holistic healing.

Why more people are choosing holistic healing

Today, people are more educated of what’s happening in the medical front and the availability of holistic healing (sometimes also called alternative medicine) services. People therefor make informed decisions on how they want to treat their illnesses.  They no longer rely blindly on the medical profession alone.

People seeking a holistic approach to healing do so for several reasons:

Holistic Healing vs Western Medicine

Western medicine tends to focus on treating symptoms with drugs and/or surgery.  

This is largely a reactive method. Holistic healing approach focuses on identifying and treating root causes of the symptoms. This brings healing to a higher level of resistance to future illness.

There’s no doubt that Western medicine has demonstrated an ability to improve the lives of very seriously ill individuals and sometimes, it is better to go to a medical professional to treat an illness. Such illnesses are not always treated holistically  as drugs are used to suppress symptoms.

Even so, it is prudent for for holistic healers to work hand in hand with the western medical profession.

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